Lifelines – a short video portrait from the Himalayas by Jane Dyson

In a village 2500m high in the Indian Himalayas, life is changing. Many of the younger generation seek to chart a new course, different from those of their parents. This is one man’s story of juggling responsibilities and fighting for dreams, both for himself and for his community.


This film comes out of long-term anthropological research conducted by Dr Jane Dyson since 2003. Jane first went to the village for her doctoral research, when she lived there for fifteen months. She has returned regularly ever since, including for a period of four months with her two children and her husband, Craig Jeffrey, with whom she now collaborates.

The research has been published in various academic outlets but Jane and the villagers wanted a broader audience for their stories. Video seemed the best way to do that.

In March 2014, Jane took filmmaker Ross Harrison to the village for a couple of weeks. The short time frame, and the complications of shooting at high altitude (extreme weather, harsh light, short battery life in the intense cold etc) made for difficult work. Luckily they came away with the footage they had hoped for. They plan to produce a longer documentary for the village, as well as this film.

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