Ethnographic films by anthropology students from Heidelberg

Ethnographic film has since long its place in the field of Anthropology. Heidelberg is no exception to this, where every list for a course on ethnographic filmmaking is usually complete long before the semester starts. Five films produced in 2012 depict the great variety of subjects one can address through a camera. And they are available for you to watch via the KJC’s website! Find below some examples of this promising student ethnographic work.

“Konfetti-Kinder: Integrativer Zirkus in Heidelberg“ by Marlit Rosolowsky, Mareike Scherer and Elena Zondler (2012, 30 mins.)
Different children from different socio-cultural backgrounds come together at Circus “Konfetti” in Heidelberg: Learning acrobatics and juggling, the children from Kirchheim and from a refugee home in Heidelberg also learn from each other, united by the passion for the circus. Once a month “Circus International” takes place right in the refugee home to reach those who otherwise couldn’t participate.
Not only is the film a beautiful piece of circus art, but it also shows how children’s lives in Heidelberg differ drastically. One can not help but reflect on how refugee politics and social work affect these lives.
For the film and the German abstract, please click here.

“Wenn Augen lauschen” by Miriam Breitkopf, Sarah Thumbeck and Vanessa Willkommen (2012, 35 mins., subtitles for the hearing impaired)
Sounds have a very important, yet subtle position in our daily lives. But for Nina, they this holds true in a different way. Her hearing aids are part of her life since childhood. While they sometimes give her the opportunity to decide whether to listen or not, at other times they become an obstacle between her and the world of sounds.
In this film, we not only hear from Nina, but we also see how she sees her world. How do eyes listen? Why doesn’t her alarm clock ring? What misunderstandings happen in her daily life? Answers to these questions make the audience encounter a world beyond sounds.
For the film and the German abstract, please click here.

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